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Construction Information

Below is a 3 dimensional diagram of the RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre.

3D image of the proposed centre

                                                                                        25 June 2010

The Bush Centre

                                             14 October 2011

Tenders were sought for the RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre (version two) in December 2009, with Darr Constructions being awarded the successful tenderer.  The centre is 656 m2 consisting basically of two rooms.  An Interpretative Centre which houses artifacts, memorabilia, exhibition displays etc, and the Learning / Reading room which will fulfill the education component, wet areas etc.

The centre is a fully air conditioned concrete block veneer building with timber trusses.  Hardwood posts and doors give that real homestead feel to the open plan building.  Skylights are installed to provide the centre with natural light.   

A picture explains a thousand words and for ease of reference a pictorial history of the construction of the RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre from the day the site was prepared on the 22 January 2010. To view a gallery of images, click on the gallery icon below.

  • Construction Photos
    Construction Photos