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Wakka Wakka

The traditional owners include the Wakka Wakka, the Goering Goering and the Wulli Wulli people. 

The Wakka Wakka, Djaku-nde and Jangerie Jangerie and Wulli Wulli people all have Native Titles claims in this area. 

  • To foster local indigenous culture
  • Support development of workplace skills to sustain our indigenous rural and remote communities;

The centre will reflect the significant indigenous contribution of this area.

The traditional owners and other relevant indigenous people have always been and remain supportive of this project and signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Indigenous rock art

Also the indigenous owners have always had a representative (Director) on the RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre Ltd (Board).  Currently that representative is Ms Doris Chapman.  This representation will continue indefinitely. 

As indigenous people comprise almost 40% of the local population one would expect through their representation on the Council workforce and in the Community they will be involved in construction and operation of the project. 

Specifically the local indigenous people will be heavily involved in creating, maintaining and renewing all displays in the interpretative centre. 

The benefits of this project to the indigenous community will be quite extensive and include: 

  • An exposure to the general public of indigenous traditional culture, lifestyle, traditions over a long period.
  • The displays contained within the project will build the esteem of and provide a source of pride to the local indigenous community.
  • An education opportunity as both teacher and student and consequently the potential to gain meaningful employment in the wider community.
  • Direct employment opportunities in the project itself and in the ongoing operation of the centre.
  • Be an integral indigenous fixture in a sustainable heritage tourism strategy.

Please see the Memorandum of Understanding for more information